Sometimes life surprises us with Lotta of unexpectable things ,things such as money, children, forgotten relatives comes in front of us in a flash,or even a promotion at work or maybe a full time jop !!..but why all the surprises are good in our eyes ?
why ain’t there bad surprises? i guess that’s because we always expect the bad things ,unlucky things we never or maybe only few of us expect the best to come ..
that’s why we always think of the good news “the good surprise” is the start of something bad which alot of us call the silence that comes before a storm ,that’s because we were learned not to trust life..
But what if we waited for the best we believed in it and we worked for it instead of just setting back fully waiting for the crises to come, to pay him/her a visit ?


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I've never blogged before in ma entire life ,but i thought i should give it a shut !!. View all posts by nouraosama

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